At DAST we believe in using the art of storytelling for social change.  In our case raising awareness of mesothelioma and the dangers of asbestos.

Telling stories enables us to weave together, not only your story, but also with a key message for social change.  It is such a powerful way to inspire, educate and teach.

The reason why storytelling is so powerful goes back to our ancestors, who could not read, write and social media hadn’t even been invented, so they would sit around the fire sharing stories.

We particularly like to use poetry, as our ancestors’ poems would be recited; the use of rhyme and repetition making the poem memorable.

Extracts from a poem by DAST Volunteer, Audrey Carlin, which was also put to music and sung as a Ballad and also Acapella.   It was inspired by listening to stories of the people DAST helps and supports and tells the story of a Joiner and his friend, a Plumber’s mate, both diagnosed with mesothelioma and follows their journey through life.   The poem ends with 3 key messages.

I hope our story will live on forever 

And that those who knew will never 

Play with lives and cause so much pain 

So our lives have not been in vain 

Listen everyone to what I say 

Your Work must be safe 

There shouldn’t have to be a choice 

Demand Safety – join as one voice! 

No cure as yet for this cruel disease 

Though many are joining the fight

To raise the profile for research 

We hope a cure is in sight